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Your peace of mind is our number 1 priority and the reason we built LawEval, the all-in-one platform that offers real-time growth insights into your law firm’s digital assets.

LawEval is the first decision-making platform of its kind engineered specifically for the unique needs of law firms. It gives law firms a real-time glimpse into all of their digital marketing assets in one single platform and has the ability to immediately notify its users of any issues their website is encountering that could jeopardize their lead flow. This ensures that your firm’s website is up and running at all times, and when problems do arise, you have the chance to tackle them before they affect your business’ livelihood.

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Amplify All of Your Legal Marketing Processes with Top Technology.

Always stay on top of the digital marketing game (and ahead of your competition).

LawEval combines top technology and experienced talent to continuously watch over your firm’s digital footprint, remove roadblocks and ensure everything is running smoothly.

We have categorized LawEval’s capabilities into three separate modules, each one focusing on a different aspect of a law firm’s digital assets. Let’s take a look here:

Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitoring

LawEval combines top technology and experienced talent to continuously watch over your firm’s digital footprint, remove roadblocks and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Here are just a few benefits you could take advantage of with this module:

  • Help find and fix technical issues on the website quickly.
  • Make the website faster and work better.
  • Keep the website secure from any security breaches.
  • Help make the website show up better in search engines.
  • Help make the website more visible online.
  • Help the firm see which online efforts are working and which are not, so they can make better choices on how to spend their resources.

Take a look at the features the Performance Monitoring Module includes:

  1. Everything in the Analytics and Leads Modules.
  2. It monitors lead channels/sources and notifies when leads stop funneling in.
  3. It constantly checks for problems across various technical areas that could affect your website’s digital presence.
  4. It checks the website for problems, such as if it can’t be found by search engines, and makes sure the address is correct.
  5. It provides a historical archive of screenshots of the website taken multiple times a day so you can determine precisely when, where, and potentially how an issue arose.
  6. It provides detailed tracking of site performance on key pages and overall averages for your performance-tracking purposes.

Find out more about the Performance Monitoring Module here!


Track your calls and cases as they cascade in and watch the flow of your leads from start to finish – all in real-time.

By tracking calls and cases in real-time, a law firm can gain insight on:

  • How your leads are being generated.
  • Where they are coming from.
  • How they are progressing.

This can help identify bottlenecks in the process, optimize lead generation efforts and improve conversion rates while allowing your firm to be more adaptable and responsive to changes in the market.

Take a look at the features that are included in the Leads module:

  1. Everything in the Analytics Module.
  2. The system can show you in real-time how many people are interested in your website from different places like Google, Facebook, etc.
  3. It can work with chat, forms, call tracking, and more to help you keep track of leads.
  4. It can connect with other systems that your law firm may use, like Captorra, Clio, Law Ruler, SmartAdvocate, Lead Docket, Zapier, MailChimp, and more. More connections will be added in the future without extra cost.
  5. You can see how leads are coming in and progressing through the process to see which leads turn into clients.
  6. You can choose to get email notifications for all leads or only specific ones.

Find out more about the Leads Module here!


Maximize your marketing dollars by tracking the traffic and visitors that come knocking on your doors and understand the typical user behavior.

By doing this tracking you will be able to:

  • See where most of your visitors are coming from and use that information to make sure you are reaching the right people in your marketing efforts.
  • Understand what makes visitors leave your website and improve it, based on the findings.
  • Know which leads are most likely to turn into clients and focus your efforts on those to optimize your ROI.
  • Increase the chances of closing a client by understanding what stops them from doing so.
  • Understand how much you are getting back from your marketing efforts and adjust accordingly.

This base module provides the following benefits:

  1. It provides a customizable, all-in-one dashboard to make marketing easy.
  2. It allows you to select and view the data most important to you, such as sessions, goal completions, rankings, competition, and backlinks from vendors such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, SEMrush, and more.
  3. It integrates with web analytics through a user-friendly dashboard.
  4. It offers a simplified data viewing of all your firm’s channels in a single space.

Find out more about the Analytics Module here!

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LawEval focuses on customization and personalization, two indispensable factors your firm needs in order to secure high performance and stand strong amongst the competition.

With LawEval, this is all possible. You can supercharge your marketing strategy and start meeting more clients where they currently are.

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