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Every lawyer has had that sinking feeling in their stomach when they realize their website is down or some part of it is not functioning properly.

And this is when the questions start popping up incessantly in their heads: “How long has this not been working?”,  “How many potential clients did I lose in the meantime?

Firms with a digital presence can unwittingly end up with broken links, missing URLs, etc., and having to go through your entire site is not only a headache but it’s time consuming.

A broken site, no matter what that may mean, e.g. a contact form that is not appearing, pages that are not working, or a whole site black-out, means lost leads and lost revenue. Indefinite and unperceived downtime is luckily now preventable with LawEval, with its continuous site monitoring and notification features.

With added customer touchpoint monitoring, these pains are long gone and you can make sure your site is representing your firm the way it should around the clock. The earlier you find out about something not quite working, the quicker your team will be able to tackle and solve the issue.

LawEval’s Monitoring Module ensures these problems are flagged immediately, before they can have an impact on your business.

To get started, you can check your own site’s pulse today.

How, you may ask?

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We’ve Got You Covered

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All-in-one 24/7 monitoring of your online presence. This includes your website, social media channels, reviews, paid campaigns and any other customer touchpoint you have online.

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Continuous grade-level testing of your site’s speed, performance and security. If under any circumstances your site is not performing as it should, you’ll be the first to find out.

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Hassle-free discovery, configuration, and testing of key areas – with no effort needed on your end.

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We catch problems before they cost you clients with a comprehensive customer touchpoint monitoring system. It helps identify any technical issues with ease e.g. broken contact forms, malfunctioning live chats, wrong phone numbers, etc.

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The combined efforts of multi point inspection (of over 100 potential technical issues) and a team of expert engineers fortify and identify concern areas and preventable problems involving HTTPS, DNS, WordPress, no-indexes, mail servers, and more.

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Visual capturing of all your web pages multiple times per day – so you can easily conduct a point-in-time review to pin down when a problem popped up.

Why Choose LawEval?

Why Choose LawEval?

  • Guarantee you never miss a lead again due to site crashes.
  • Indulge in peace of mind knowing customers can reach your firm 24/7 and with ease.
  • Supervise your desktop and mobile websites at any moment thanks to historical captures.
  • Ensure all changes made by your website or SEO vendor are timely and hassle-free.
  • Stay in the loop on your entire firm’s digital marketing and/or the urgent areas that concern you.

LawEval: Get Started Today

In order to succeed in today’s competitive world, everything related to your online presence must be thoroughly strategized and optimized to the best of its potential. LawEval was born to serve these needs and help your firm exceed its lead expectations as the only web monitoring platform designed specifically for law firms on the market.

To learn more about how LawEval can prevent lead loss and online headaches, get in touch with us.

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